Teardrop Interlake Racking
Product Description:

Teardrop style selective pallet rack is called Selective because of it offers tremendous selectivity. You are able to access every pallet in a selective rack system. Teardrop rack is the most economical and efficient way to store pallets or bulk boxes and maximize valuable storage space in your warehouse. As the owner or leaser of a warehouse you must realize that you are paying for every square foot of space and to not maximize that space is a waste of money. Our Teardrop rack can be used for a variety of storage applications including selective pallet storage racks, narrow aisle selective, bulk storage, carpet storage, drum storage, cable reel storage, marine boat storage, retail racks, rack supported mezzanines and pick modules.

Teardrop Selective Rack Series offers all the benefits of closed tube design plus compatibility with other teardrop patterns.Companies adding to older existing storage facilities can retain the existing rack beams and enjoy the benefits of the stronger more torque resistant Speedlock teardrop uprights. New Speedlock beams will also fit most existing uprights.

Teardrop Upright Frames made of 14 or 15 GA. tubular steel with horizontal and diagonal bracing. Includes standard foot plates. Our racking is available with a 3 w. x 1-5/8 d. x 15 Ga. steel column offering 15,000 lbs. capacity; 3 x 3 x 15 Ga. steel column with 19,980 lbs. capacity; 3 x 3 x 14 Ga. steel column with 24,540 lbs. cap. or 3 x 3 x 12 Ga. steel columns with 30,000 lbs cap. Capacities are based on beam levels spaced every 48 . Our heavy-duty uprights offer greater resistance, less torque for greater resistance to fork truck damage. Affordable rack reinforcement will increase rack life and save you from replacing damaged uprights. Standard upright color is green or royal blue.

Upright Frames are made of two columns joined together by diagonal and horizontal Steel Bracing. We have high strength rolled steel bracing that is either welded or comes factory bolted with grade five serrated lock nuts. Our teardrop rack is manufactured to RMI (Rack Manufacturers Institute) Specifications.

Teardrop Step Beams are made of 14 Ga. or 16 Ga. tubular steel include factory installed Auto lock Safety clip makes a clicking sound when beam is secure and prevents beams for dislodging. Full filet welds adds to beams strength and durability. Safety orange beams allow lift truck drivers easy recognition of beam level at high elevations. Safety orange color aids in safe loading and unloading of racks.