Rut Shelving
Product Description:

Rolled Upright Type (RUT) shelving is a steel shelving system that is extremely versatile.  It is of steel construction with closed backs and sides ideally suited for small parts storage.  With a wide pickface, it provides high accessibility to multiple product lines.

RUT is available in a wide range of depths and heights, can be used as individual bays or constructed in a multiple-bay run. RUT shelving can be used in all areas of your business including the office, warehouse or storeroom.


1.Ideal for small pick items such as spare parts, stationery and files.

2. Solid metal back panels.

3.Shelves easily adjusted in 26mm increments

4.Bolted constructiom, easy to assemble

5.16mm diameter rolled post

6.Singe or Double Sided shelving configurations.

7.Durable paint finish in grey or beige