Flow Through Racking
Carton Flow Through
Carton Flow Through Flow Through Racking
Product Description:
Using gravity as the free power source, the system cuts order picking labor costs up to 75% over static systems.
Separate stocker and picker aisles and picking faces that are always stocked enhance efficiency,
while the exclusive clipless track and guide system speeds assembly and reconfiguration.

First-in/first-out product rotation
Greater cube utilization
Easy to reprofile
Stand-alone or easily integrated with other material handling systems
Durable, damage resistant construction
Organize fast and slow movers for maximum efficiency

Pallet Flow Through
Pallet Flow Through Flow Through Racking

Product Description:
Gravity Flow Rack Systems are high density dynamic storage systems that increase flexibility and maintain the First-In / First-Out product flow from the stocking aisle to the picking aisle increasing efficiency.
Pallet Flow Systems utilize pallets which are stored on rails elevated on one end, permits dense storage by eliminating all aisles except the entrance and exit aisles.
The configuration of live pallet gravity flow rack makes it ideal for freezer, warehouse, food handling, order picking, and high volume applications. Live pallet gravity flow rack can be integrated into an automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) for even greater efficiency. This versatile rack design saves space, labor costs, and energy by efficiently utilizing gravity.


Durable construction for years of maintenance-free operation
Maximizes floor space creating fewer aisles
Can triple or double your storage capacity compared to drive-in or other conventional pallet rack systems.
Ideal for expiration date sensitive inventory, high-volume consumer goods, and food distribution center