Dunnage bag
Product Description:

The outer Ply Dunnage Bag is made of high intension kraft paper,PP woven PE membranes,which is tough and strong.It's inner bag is made of 5 layers coextrusion PE film.The especially designed non-leaking air intake veale,which can endure more then 10tons of pressure, releases air inside the bag fast and easily.Dunnage Bag is easy to use,which is widely used because it may save lots of loading time and reduce transportation cost.

In transportation, the biggest factor of cargo damage is the foreard of backwadcollisions between cargoes which causing damage to the package and goods.

Dunnage bagsmake it suitabddle for application in all modes of transportation for shipment by road,rail and sea.The bags can fill the gap berween the carges,support the weight which caused by the shaking of cargoes and absorb shock.it protects goods better than other fillers,and compared with the foam,it is much better to theencironmerts.

Dunnage bagds can be quickly inflated; save time,reducecosts effectively.It is now widely used to fill the container in the world and your goods will be greatly protected during the container transport.