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The process for purchasing pallet racking includes: end customer submit requirement — supplier choose suitable storage system and design – optimize the design – customer evaluate the design – quotation- select supplier – sign contract – supplier manufacturing(buy material, tooling, powder coating, packing) – installation – inspection and approval


The requirement for pallet racking system normally including: warehouse layout, cargo specification and features, weight , pallet size, storage capacity, storage methods, storage management requirement and control method.



According to different standard, racking can be distinguish for many different kinds:

1)static racking, static racking can be longspan shelving, pallet racking ,drive in racking, gratity racking, push back racking, mezzanine floor, steel platform, cantilever racking..etc


2)movable racking, movable racking can be mobile racking, mobile shelving(manual and electric), heavy duty pallet racking and vertical racking,


3) according to the frame structure, racking can be welded racking(mainly for domestic market, occupy more space in container) and assembled racking


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