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Library shelving is special shelving system which used to storage book, file, magazine and music & video product. Besides that, medium and large library also have complex library system and auto output system. Library shelving is widely used in all kinds of library, reading center and book shop.


The structure of library shelving is very simple and looks beautiful. Usually consist of upright post or panel, shelf, divider…etc. It’s easy to install and relocate, the spacing from each level can be adjust freely. Usually we use steel as the major material and wood color panel for decoration.

Most library shelving is static and couldn’t move. If the space is limited, customers could choose mobile shelving to save space.


The structure and size of library is flexible, it’s especially good for display of various books & magazine and retail store.


As a leading racking & shelving company, T Racking build a lot of library shelving and racking system in domestic market and over sea market. Any relative inquiry feels free to inform us.