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Galvanized shelving is mainly used in cold store which is under wet condition. Such like cold store with large humidity or for outdoor use.


The advantage of galvanized shelving:

1.       With bright surface, it’s also durable and rustless. Galvanized finish can prevent shelving from static.

2.       Use hook connection, easy to adjust and install & relocate.

3.       The surface is slippery, which can protect workers.

4.       Standard specification and easy to increase/decrease, could be add/remove at any time.

5.       loading capacity from 150kg-1000kg, widely choice for customers

6.       unit alkali and acid, can be used in low temperature and wet condition.

7.       With various of accessory like shelf, dividers for customers

8.       Each level take the cargo evenly, the weight is uniform distributed on the shelf.


Features of galvanize(zinc)


Zinc is easy to dissolve in acid or alkali, thus it’s also called double character metal. Zinc hardly change in dry air. In wet air, the surface will have special chemical which can prevent surface from rust. Thus zinc or galvanize is widely used in surface treatment of metal product.


In Racking & Shelving industry, zinc/galvanize is mainly used in cold store and outdoor use, T Racking export a lot of galvanized drive in racking and pallet racking & medium duty racking to all over the world. Any customer which interested in it no hesitate to contact with us.