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Different kinds of warehouse for pallet racking


1.       According to purpose:

1)      Own warehouse. Own warehouse means to store material & inventory of own company.

2)      Third party warehouse. To make profit from the warehouse. The turn rate will be higher.

3)      Public warehouse. Built by State or public organization for public benefit or public affairs.

4)      Bonded warehouse. Bonded warehouse is a special warehouse which keep cargo import from other countries.


2.       According to structure.

1)       Flat warehouse., the structure is very simple. Height is less than 6 meter. This warehouse is cheap and widely used in various industry.

2)       Multi tier warehouse: more than 2 tiers, build by concrete. Multi tier warehouse can enlarge the storage area.

3)       Solid warehouse or AS/RS warehouse: use high level racking system to store cargo. Use stackers and forklift to move cargo.


3.  According to function:

1).  Manufacturing warehouse: used to store material fuel and inventory.

2)  Reserve warehouse: used to store various of reserve material.

3)  Tooling warehouse: used to tool or flow material and cargo.

4)  Logistic center warehouse: used to transport & storage and such activity.


In all, all kinds of warehouse need quality & reliable racking system to put their cargo.


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