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Several type of racking system:


There are several major types of racking system as below:


1.       Heavy duty pallet racking: pallet racking use quality cold rolled steel after rolling and forming, the upright can be 14 meters without joint plate. Use quality cold rolled steel as beams. The load capacity is good and very difficult to bend. Beam connects with upright by connector. The connection is reliable and easy to disassemble. There is safety pins in the upright frame, which can protect the beam from jump out by forklift. All the surface of pallet racking is acid wash, phosphating and so on.. It’s suitable for big warehouse and logistic center.


2.       Medium duty racking, medium duty racking has special structure, it’s easy to install and relocate. The structure is firm without bolts & nuts. The load capacity is good, which is widely used in supermarket, shopping mall, hospital…etc.


3.       Light duty shelving, light duty shelving is a universal system. Which can be widely used for working bench, tool cabinet, safety wire mesh and support structure. Slotted angle shelving is easy to cut, revise and relocate. It can reach the agreement of normal use, also can be used for urgently use


4.       Mezzanine floor, mezzanine floor is full dismountable structure. Can use wood, steel as floor.

It can design to be 2 tiers or multi tiers, suitable for various tools, mechanical product.


5.  Special racking: like mould racking, drum racking, flow through racking, wire mesh racking,

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