About Us
About Us

Founded in 2001,Su Zhou Tong Li logistic Equipments Co., Ltd specialize in the design, producing, installing and testing of China Pallet Racking, Drive In racking, Dexion Racking, Cantilever Racking, Longspan Shelving, Angle shelving, Boltless Shelving, Mezzanine Floor... We offer an extensive range of sizes and capacities. In addition to our standard items, an engineering department can custom design anything from a single rack component or accessory to an entire warehouse system.

Tong Li selects high quality raw materials for engaged in designing, producing and installing all kinds of adjustable Heavy duty Pallet Racking ,Drive in Racking. Cantilever Racking, Mezzanine Racking (Multi tier Racks),Long Span Shelving, Roller Pallet Racks(Flow Racks),light duty Racking, Display shelving and Racks related utensil. Our products are widely used in various kinds of fields such as Industry,Manufacturing,Logistice,Super-market,Show Room,Exhibition,etc....

The quality management system of the Tong Li Products Division is registered to ISO 9001:2000. We take pride in our quality management system and the resulting quality in our products and services.

We are continually seeking and striving for improved customer satisfaction. Tong Li continues to promote a positive and motivational environment for its employees and all those involved with our diversified metal business.

Storage Racking Series: Pallet Racking, Drive In Racking, Mezzanine Floor, Dexion Racking, Schaefer Racking, Redi Rack, Interlake Teardrop Racking, Flow Through Racking,

Storage Shelving Series: Longspan shelving, Boltless shelving, Slotted Angle Shelving, Mobile Shelving, Wire Shelving, Steckregal, Wire Mesh Decking, Rut Shelving(Roll Edge Shelving), Stainless Steel Shelving

» Main service: OEM, ODM according to sample and drawing, design products, offer most popular style racking and shelving in Euro and US, like Dexion Racking, Redi Racking, Interlake Teardrop Racking,

» Main market: Australia, Europe, North America ,South America, South Africa,middle east. (see more)

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