Maintenance & Inspection

Why should we have racking system inspection?

Pallet racking is classified as 'Work Equipment' and therefore requires regular documented inspections and maintenance.

Damage to pallet racking & shelving in the course of working operations can and does happen. Operator error, poor house keeping or overloading; 'DIY' repairs; lack of maintenance and failure to comply with the manufacturer's operating instructions, all contribute to seriously threaten the safety of racking structures.

Besides above information, usually the damage to racking system is not obviously, it's difficult for staff to monitor it from eye, thus it's necessary to have regularly racking inspection.

Which type of inspection service T Racking offer?

In some foreign countries, Pallet racking inspection is now a legal requirement, although in China it's not a legal requirement, but as a reliable supplier, T Racking offer Chinese customer regularly inspection service without extra charge, this is also one of our unique service which attract many customers.

The professional inspection service includes investigation into the causes of damage results in improved operating methods, damage reduction, and help customer reduced maintenance costs without damage to existing racking system.

For oversea customer, T Racking couldn’t offer the inspection service under current condition. If customer have such inquiry we can recommend some third party inspection company.

How often should we have a Racking Inspection?

Normally an annual rack safety inspection is required, however in some cases this may be more or less often depending on your particular operation.

What's the content of inspection service?

  • Check all the components offer by T Racking deeply.
  • Offer damage report(if any) to customer with detail technical data
  • Provide free replacement within 3 years from invoice date.

(after 3 years T Racking only charge material cost)

  • Give professional training lesson to the warehouse operation staff of customer,

Which can help customer increase product lifetime and save cost.

Click below information of racking operation manual

  Cantilever Racking Manual.pdf   Dexion Pallet_Racking Manual.pdf
  Drive-In_Racking Manual.pdf   Warehouse Inspection Checklist.pdf
  Longspan Shelving Manual.pdf   Racking inspection report.pdf
  UK Inspection Standard & Maintainence Manual.pdf