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To design a suitable storage racking system for end customer, of course we have to know the detail situation & size of the warehouse. Like the height, width and depth of warehouse, detail layout of various different items in warehouse like pillow, ceiling and so on. Some customers can provide detail drawing with the full specification we require, but for some reason many customers couldn't provide this. T Racking can send a professional engineer to customer's warehouse to measure all detail size before design.

Accompany the development of modern logistic, the storage requirement of end customer is become more and more diversify and complex. Most customer will require a plan which can maximum storage capacity, combine with flexible transportation, easily loading/unloading, and of course cost effective. Under the help of experienced engineer, T Racking is proud to say that our professional engineer & various storage product can meet the requirement of different customers. No matter you are a fortune 500 big company which want to build large logistic center, or you are a small business owner which want to make good use of your warehouse, just simple give us a call or send us a email with your inquiry at, T Racking can help you customize your plan.

For local business and oversea project, the major process is as below: